Margaret Sorrel, DO, FCA - Osteopathic Manual Medicine

After 42 years of practice Dr. Margaret Sorrel retired in the spring of 2020 as COVID-19 continued to spread and present treatment and vaccine challenges.

More than half of her practice career was devoted exclusively to the osteopathic treatment of children, many of whom had chronic illnesses or developmental disabilities. In this practice she was blessed to witness profound changes in the health and quality of life of her patients and their families.

Throughout her practice years in Seattle, Whidbey Island and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, her reputation as a recognized authority in the treatment of special needs children led to a rich teaching life. She mentored several generations of osteopathic physicians in clinical settings and lecture halls.

Individuals and families desiring osteopathic care are encouraged to seek resources through The Osteopathic Cranial Academy The balance of this website may assist you in understanding more of the philosophy and science behind the practice of osteopathic medicine. Perhaps the stories will inspire you and offer you hope.

Osteopathic manual medicine is a gentle, hands-on treatment that addresses the underlying causes of many medical problems. Osteopathic manual medicine can improve the function of all body systems through addressing structural components of the body. The trouble might lie in the relationship of bone to bone or bone to muscle, the blood supply and drainage to a problem area, the motion of the connective tissues or membranes, or in the ability of the nerves to do the job they were designed to do.

Cranial osteopathy is significantly different from cranio-sacral therapy. To learn more, click here.

"Of all the physicians involved in my son´s care, Dr. Sorrel is the most down-to-earth and pragmatic. I can listen to the many competing specialists involved in the care of my son´s multiple disabilities and know that Margaret will help me digest it all and work out a reasonable, prudent and medically sound course of action. Her "mother´s point-of-view" and her expert skill in supporting optimal physical development by means of osteopathy make her an outstanding healer. She is an irreplaceable ally for children with special needs and their parents."
— Debra J.


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